Google Chrome to put an end to abusive ads forever.

Google Chrome to put an end to abusive ads forever.

The most expected December chrome 71 update will be the flagbearer for the Google’s fight against "abusive experiences" on various internet sites. The update is likely to give the user the power to flag the ads and then block them permanently if the website continues to show the ads after being warned. The update will enable the option by default and will also give the user the option to turn the feature off.  

Google notes say "An abusive experience is designed to mislead website visitors. For example, auto-redirects that take visitors to a new page without any action on their part are considered an abusive experience. So are ads that are designed to mislead or trick users into interacting with them”. Unexpected click areas, phishing, fake messages, misleading site behavior, auto redirects to unwanted softwares and malwares are considered abusive.

Google has given site owners a period of 30 days starting from the time an instance of their abusive behavior is reported. Every ad on the site, despite its validity, is blocked if the site fails to abide by the rules.

Chrome’s updated version 68 has already been fighting against the abusive content by blocking (or attempting to block) popups on sites and also tries to limit video auto plays. Even then, some ads find their way to us.

Mozilla had already joined the fight for privacy with its 63 update which has the Enhanced Tracking Protection, which increases the level of privacy, even in the incognito mode. It also gives the users the option to block third-party trackers’ storage access and cookies.

There has been a marked increase in the number of ads on sites, as it is brings in the most revenue. Even though it is relevant at times, these ads, most of the time, are a breach of privacy. With a new data scandal surfacing every few weeks, users are demanding the tech companies to fortify the data protection protocols.

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