The futures of Samsung phones will be notched

The futures of Samsung phones will be notched

Samsung, in its developer conference, declared that its phones will have notches. A slide during the keynote address also displayed some of the possible notch designs that their devices will have in the future.

The company announced that the models will have the Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O designs. Phones with the Infinity-U design will have the ubiquitous u shaped notch.  The Infinity-V design phones will have a u-shaped notch, but the notch will have four distinct edges. The infinity-o design will have the selfie camera embedded in the display in a circular notch. The company also has planned for a fourth kind of display which is completely notch-free and is called the New infinity display.

Samsung’s director of product marketing, Assan Anjum says “We’re going to push the limits with our new lineup: the Infinity U, V, and O displays. These are new concepts that are just around the corner, and I can't wait to tell you more about them”. It is interesting to note that Samsung, a company that made fun of Apple for introducing the notch design, has adopted the same design for its mobiles.

Samsung also has Galaxy F, its foldable Smartphone on the horizon. The company teased the mobile during the conference and also hinted that they will mass produce the phone in the months to come. A tablet when opened and a phone when closed, its Infinity Flex Display technology allows the screen to be folded innumerable times without any functional loss. Word in the wind is that the company will be launching the phone this month.


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