Five blockchain startups advancing various business sectors

Five blockchain startups advancing various business sectors

With Cryptocurrency and Blockchain creating a lot of buzz in the global economy, they are disrupting various sectors. Banks and financial sectors have been quick to adapt to the new technology but the Indian blockchain scenario is still in its infancy but has already been adapting itself to the existing market and has been solving the existing issues. Below are some of the existing startups in the blockchain space.

SpringRole :  Started in 2014 in California and then a second office in Bangalore in 2015, SpringRole is the first portfolio company from science blockchain, the blockchain-focused incubator from Science Inc. Being the first AI and blockchain powered professional reputation network to prevent fraud from user profiles. It is built on Blockchain and uses smart contracts, verifying work experience and reputation, define new meaning to endorsements and reward endorsers and fetch endorsements of users external to the network.

LedgerConnect : IBM, in partnership with CLS, a foreign exchange services, launched this platform just for banking and financial services is focused to apply blockchain technology to know your customer processes, collateral management, reconciliation, market data and many other areas.

CoinSecure: Already famous in the Indian circle, Coinsecure was the first advocates of Blockchain technologies and Bitcoin, and provide a customer friendly Bitcoin exchange, a blockchain explorer, merchant services and a hosted wallet. Their motto is “Connecting India to Bitcoin” and their stride has been unstopppable.

MindDeft Technologies: founded to make a difference within the IT services and to provide quality services, Minddeft’s goal is to solve complex user problems and is willing to adopt new trends and different technologies that gets them closer to the solutions they are chasing, one of them being blockchain. They take the expertise of various blockchain tools, Ethereum and HyperLedger on which they have conducted extensive research and have presented proof of concepts for various domains to implement smart contract enabled Blockchain tools.

Trestor : India’s first blockchain startup and the creator of “trest” – a secure, digital, store of value. With their blockchain and decentralized network of trustless nodes, transfer of trests is easy to any corner of the globe without transfer fees. The transactions are over in seconds and are devoid of freezing, paperwork or amount limits.

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